Tenho… uma terrivel necessidade… devo dizer a palavra?… de religião. Então, saio de noite e pinto as estrelas.

Vincent Van Gogh

‘m Natalina Cóias (but you can also call me Plim), and I was born at 8:00 p.m., precisely at dinner time on July 17, 1972, in the hot city of Elvas. My biggest dream? … be a Childhood Educator. And you know what, I AM A Child Care Educator! My world and the world of children are exactly the same, and it is in their universe that I inspire myself every day, in everything I do. From the intensity of daily contact with these magical beings, small in size but infinitely large in imagination and heart, another passion was born … I became an illustrator of children’s books. I’ve given so many characters a body … from a princess who does not want to sleep and a sheep that wants to fly, through a seed with insomnia, by Mr. Capelo who only has a hair, a nightingale dragon and even, imagine, by the Bad Wolf. I’ve also created incredible places, like a country made of cloth and a completely broken anthill.

More secrets about me? I love the sea, sleeping and stretching … the Christmas lights in the window, the smell of the fireplace and the cinnamon. I like stories … to hear them, to tell them and to illustrate them. I’m stubborn and crabby when I’m very sleepy. I like wearing colorful skirts and wearing round toe shoes! I’m a little like this …